What We Do

Rob’s Bikes is an established London cycling centre that offers comprehensive bicycle repair services,including a mobile call out service,at reasonable rates.We also offer contract arrangements to corporate customers.

We are open (by appointment only) from 9:15am-6pm seven days a week;please telephone before travelling to arrange an appointment.

We attend call-outs within an approximate radius of nine miles for a fee dependent on location-please call for a quote.

Mobile Bicycle Repair Services

We can come to you or you can bring your bike to us. Please make an appointment first.

Services including:
Routine servicing
Complete rebuilds.
Wheel building/truing
Corporate servicing contracts
Education and training in repairs & maintenance.
Areas covered:
Central London
East London
Greater London part of Essex
East Ham
Other areas by appointment
Call-out fee-depends on the area
Call-out fee-depends on the area
Mobile service
The most common reason for a call-out is a puncture; if you wish, you can be shown how to fix this problem, or any other your bike has,yourself whilst the job is done at your place of work or home,or at the side of the road,free of charge, so that next time you may wish to do it yourself. Routine maintenance is the next most common call-out, including pumping-up tyres, adjusting the brakes, replacing cables and giving general advice about which parts need attention or replacement.
The call-out service is also used by local authorities and businesses that wish to encourage cycling amongst the work force for routine maintenance contracts; why not try it for your business? Well maintained bikes, and easy access to a repair service will encourage cycling,as will training in DIY repair and maintenance-a trial period can be arranged. The charges are often split between the employer paying the labour costs, and the employees paying any parts costs.
Corporate servicing contracts
Education and training in repairs & maintenance.

The idea behind Rob’s Bikes is to get everyone cycling safely, with assistance in all areas of cycling.

Contact us for more information and to find out about our prices.

"Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race." -H.G.Wells